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Concentrate on the heart and draw up a blueprint—The school held a working meeting on the preparation of a provincial high-level vocational school construction plan
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In order to fully prepare for the construction of the provincial double highschool construction plan of our school, at 10:30 on June 3, 2020, the Construction Plan Special Working Groupheld a construction plan preparation meeting in the conference room on the sixth floor of the administrative building of the Vocational College The meeting was chaired by the team leader He Bin, Vice President Li Qin attended the meeting, and the working group members and all members of the Construction Office participated in the meeting.




First of all, Team Leader He Bin explained the importance, target tasks, working steps, and principles of the preparation of the "Double High" construction plan of our school.


Mr. Huang Shoufeng from the Construction Office gave a detailed explanation of the content, procedures, division of labor, style, and writing notes of the preparation of the "Double High" construction plan of our school.


Zhang Di, deputy director of the Construction Office, explained the overall framework and time course of the "double-high" construction plan, and emphasized that all sectors should work together, take into account the overall situation, follow the division of labor and time points, and make it easy to complete the plan preparation tasks on time and with quality. .


In the end, Vice President Li Qin made a speech, and she made three points of guidance on the preparation of the plan: First, the mission is responsible and the responsibility is unshirkable. The goal of the school's impact is "national double high" and "provincial double high" is the threshold. In the past three years, the school is facing opportunities and challenges. The application and construction of the "double high" project is of great significance to the development of the school. Everyone must unify their thinking and deepen consensus. It is necessary to invest in the preparation of the construction plan with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and go all out to complete the preparation and declaration of the plan. The second is to gather forces and divide cooperation. Everyone must stimulate internal vitality through the preparation work, fully cooperate, gather strength, and divide labor and cooperation, and strictly advance in an orderly manner according to the reverse time node. The third is to strive for excellence and strive for success. Everyone needs to do their job, put all writing work into practice, work hard together, consolidate their wisdom, polish the plan carefully, and draw up a blueprint for school development. At the same time, it pays attention to quality, highlights the characteristics, presents the bright spots, and submits the wonderful answer sheets according to the declaration time required by the Education Department.

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