The Department for Common and Elementary Courses
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    The department is responsible for teaching and management of the common required and elementary courses, whose main duty is to lay a solid foundation for improving the personnel training quality in our institute by the way of systematically strengthening the construction of the teaching force so as to improve the teachers’ political, ideological, professional quality in teaching and research as well as comprehensively enhance curriculum building.

    The department undertake the teaching and management of the following courses : " Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” , ”Ideological, Moral Cultivation & Legal Basis" , “The General Situation of Guizhou Province " ," English " , " The University Chinese Language and Literature " , " Sports and Health " ,” Practical Writing” , "Finance Practical Writing " , "Mandarin" , " Speech and Eloquence” and “Students' Mental Health " ; Responsible for declaration,enrollment, teaching and management of the major "Community Management &Service", for the organization and implementation of the lectures for the school’s Humanities and Quality Education; in charge of the school’s routine physical activities as well as the organization, training and the competition of the sports teams, responsible for the students’ physique health test and report of the relevant statistics; also cooperated with related departments in holding a variety of activities as essay writing, speech, debate etc.

    At present, there are twenty-five full-time teachers, including one professor, seven associate professors, fifteen lecturers, one full-timeteaching administrator in the department. Among them are six double-qualified teachers, twelve with master’s degrees or above, one working on a postgraduate program.This is a teaching team with a high academic level, rich experience in teaching and reasonable structure in age, professional title and education.

    In the past three years, the department have chaired or participated in seven research projects at the school or the provincial level; published more than eighty research papers, taken the construction of the school’s two top-quality courses.

    The department will continue to explore new ideas, teaching methods and reform in public basic courses with the school’s characteristics according to the spirit of the times in order to train the students' innovation and practice abilities. 

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Office Tel: +86-851-4129670

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