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    The department now offer majors in Art and Design, Advertising and Exhibition, Art Deco Design, Film and Television, Advertising , Music Performance, The art of Dance and Broadcasting & Chairing.

    The department act as the members of the following Associations of GUIzhou Province: Artists’ Association, Arts and Crafts Association, Ceramic Art Association,Association of China Ethnic Minorities Supplies, Garment Association.

    The department are invited to work as expert or judges in many important events such as "Two Races & One Meeting" for tourism commodities of "Colorful Guizhou", Vocational Skills Competition of Guizhou Provincial Colleges, Vocational Skills Competition of the Schools in Guiyang.

    There are presently more than 20 teachers and administrative people in the department , including 5 associate professors, 10 persons with master’s degrees, 13 double-qualified teachers. Many of them take the positions in professional and academic Groups at all levels---the directors of Artists ' Association, of Musicians Association of Guizhou province, thestanding directorof Garments Association of Guizhou province, the members of Ceramic Association, of Musicians Association, of the Piano Society of Guizhou province. Some of the teachers have also obtained the qualification for International Certified Instructor of Maya Three-Dimensions Software, 3DSMax Three-Dimensions Designer and Adobe Graphic Designers. A number of teachers have won numerous awards in various competitions at all levels.

    The department continue to strengthen training construction, having built a photography studio , a graphic design center, the Apple’s design studio , a post-production room , a inkjet training room, a pottery studio , a fiber studio ,a dance training room , a Piano room , a electronic piano classrooms , a music rehearsal hall ,a radio training room and other training rooms on campus. In addition, good cooperative relations have also been established withanumber of enterprises such as Guizhou Lingwen Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Guizhou People's Broadcasting Station, Guizhou Jincai National Culture R & D Co., Ltd.for the purpose of guiding or participating in the students’ practice.

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Address: Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute, No.3 Yuntan South Rd, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, 550023, the People’s Republic of China.

Office Tel: +86-851-4827335

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