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    We have twenty-six staff members in our department, including two professors , two associate professors , one senior engineer ,one senior economist and six lecturers, among them are one doctor , nine masters and sixteen bachelors concerning academic structure. We have Training Rooms for architectural drawings & architectural recognition graph, building detection, building surveying , building materials and CAD training room. At the same time, we have established school-enterprise cooperation with Construction Engineering Group of Guizhou Province and other units. There are fifteen training bases outside school providing training support for the following four majors in our department.

   Architectural Engineering Technology

    The major is to culture high - end skilled personnel with modern construction technology and management techniques, with economic analysis and management capabilities of the construction techniques, engaging in the industrial and civil construction technology , construction management , construction technical analysis and management

   Machinery Manufacturing and Automation ( CNC direction)

    The major is to culture high-quality skilled personnel with the corresponding strong working capability as well as the practical skills, mastering CNC processing techniques and CNC processing programming, capable of operating and maintaining CNC manufacturing equipments and doing other work in the forefront of the production.

   Construction Costs

    The major is to train high-quality skilled personnel acquiring both the basic knowledge and working abilities and skills essential to the field of construction cost, working in the departments, institutionsor enterprises involved in construction, engineering, construction intermediary and cost – orientation. 

   Interior Design Technology

    The major is to culture high-quality skilled personnel who can understand the

evolution, perspective and the latest development in the interior design and relevant industries with interior design expertise , innovation ability, artistic culture and good professional quality , capable of performing the work such as design, the making of drawings and construction management requested by the engineering design companies of interior decoration, construction companies and other related businesses.

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