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    Cooperated with the Energy Bureau of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Vocational and Technical Institute started Energy EngineeringDepartment in August 2010

    The professional programs the department have offered are Coal Mining Technology, MiningMechanics or Mine Instrumentation, Mine Geology and Mine Ventilation & Safety to culture top-level skilled talents of whom the coal mine enterprises of Guizhou province are short. The department was supported by Central government funds in October,2011.

    At Present, the department totally have 381 students who are trained under the 2+1 "Order Type" mode --- "combination of learning and working, school’s cooperation with government and enterprises, internship”. After graduation the students will be recommend to Guizhou’s large state-owned mines or those of share-holding system.

    The department very highly value the teaching principle of combining theory with practice. Based on training the students’ position and occupation ability, the institute and the relevant enterprises work togethertoconstruct “Integration of Practices and Theoretics”curricular systemand develop core curriculum standard and project such as the "Coal Mining Technology" and other key core curriculum being constructed. Currently, training base with characteristics on the campus -- Energy Engineering Training Center has already been built, consisting of six major categories of integrated training rooms---the coal mining, ventilation & safety, mineelectromechanical equipments &lifting conveyance, mineinstruments & meters and simulation of scene and technology in coal mines. Four off-campus training bases have also been built. They are Huangjiazhuang Coal Mine of Guizhou Province , Safety Training center of Lindong Technical School of G Guizhou Province, Lindong Coal Mine Repair Workshop of Guizhou Province , Anshun Pingba Mine of Guizhou Province. In 2012, agreements have been made with six off-campus training bases on the post practice and employment. 

     Now eighteen teachers of the departmentconsist of full-time and part-time onesinvolving those trained internally and those introduced externally. The department attaches great importance to the building of teaching team with professional leaders, core teachers, double-qualified teachers. All the professional and curriculum construction are guided by both the Profession Teaching Supervision Group and Specialty Construction Steering Committee at the facultyand institute level so as to improve the teaching quality.

    The department are constantlystrengthening the construction of professional and curriculum, the training conditions for internship, teaching resources , teaching reform , and student management. In the process of building harmonious campus, they will make their best to cultivate the graduates favored by the employer with solid theoretical knowledge, powerful practical skills, good comprehensive quality and social reputation so that the students can serve well the local economic construction of Guizhou province.

    Address: Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute, No.3 Yuntan South Rd,Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, 550023, the People’s Republic of China.

    Office Tel: +86-851-4827907

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