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    Established in 2009, the department is to train applied highly-skilled personnel adaptable to the need of the economic, social construction and development of Guizhou Province in the forefront of production, construction, management and services.

    Twenty people, the existing staff, are of reasonable structure, good overall development trend, senior professional titles and good academic qualifications. There are three professors and associate professors, those with master’s and doctorate degrees accounted for 65 percent of the twelve full-time teachers, the proportion of specialized teachers with senior professional titles is 60%. The teaching team is not only in appropriate age structure, with an average age of 35 years old, but also with rich experience, most of them have the background of working in enterprise.

    In relation to professional construction, the department offer six specialtiesas Marketing, E-commerce, Business English, Logistics Management, Property Management and Legal Affairs. Four training rooms with the area of about one thousand square meters have been established for marketing, logistics management, ERP and international declaration, in which hardware and software equipments are worth more than ten million yuan.

    In scientific research, the department emphasize both on teaching and scientificresearching with prominent achievements. In recent years, teachers of the department have published many textbooks, about a hundred academic papers, undertaken more than twenty research projects, creating a direct or indirect economic benefits for the society and enterprises, which have produced an effect in the domestic economic circles. Students’ specialized skills are outstanding, having received a number of awards in the "Challenge Cup" National University competitions and other events.

    In teaching, to cultivate the students to equip with both theory and practice ability, the department particularly emphasize on the important role of social practice and actively implement the "Double Certificate" system--- "Certificate of Graduation plus Occupation Qualification Certificate". At present, the following national occupation qualification examination and appraisal of skills have been vigorously carried out:E-commerce Engineer, Marketer, Webpage Designer, Logistics Qualification Certificate, and Business Documents in International Trade. The economy and trade training center on the campus can meet the needs of professional practical teaching. Besides, the department have established the practical training bases outside school in order to meet the needs for students' practice and promote students' internship and employment under the school-enterprise cooperation agreements with more than thirty enterprises like WAL-MART (Guiyang), China Telecom Guizhou Branch, Sheng’s Warehousing and Logistics of Guizhou Commercial Storage, Poly Property, China Communication Service Co LTd by Shares, Huifeng Wines, Taikang Life, Beijing Hualian (Guiyang) and Suning Appliance.


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