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    The department was established in 2009, its goal is to train the students to becomehigh-skilled practical talents adaptable to the needs of economic, social construction and development of Guizhou Province for the line of production, construction, management and service.

   The department Currently have1473 full-time students, the largest number in the institute, respectively majoring in Accounting, Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Business Management and Foreign-related Tourism. Tourism Management has been identified as the institute’s key construction profession.

    The teaching team of the department,  consisting of both part-time and full-time teachers, are of good professional quality, rigorous scholarship in addition to dedication and innovation spirit. Thirty full-time staff members include one professor, five associate professors, eight teachers with master's degrees. Most of the teachers are "double-qualified teachers" with the relevant professional qualification certificates as well as working experience in enterprises. Meanwhile, ten off-campus people are invited to work as part-time teachers, who are enterprise technicians and senior management personnel. They take the relevant job of training and guiding students’ practice.

   The department attach importance toboth teaching and research with outstanding achievements in scientific research. In recent years, the teachers have compiled 7 textbooks as editors or editors in chief forhigher vocational colleges, publishedmore than 100 papers, undertaken 24 research projects.

   The department adhere to the teaching principles of“Integration of Practices and Theoretics", actively implement the" double certificates "system, i.e. "diplomas and vocational qualification certificate", and vigorously carry out the national vocational qualification exams andoccupation skill appraise.The department have started National Vocational Qualifications Exams orOccupation Skill Appraisein Tour Guides,Restaurant Service Attendants, Room Attendants , Accounting Qualification Certificate , Putonghua Proficiency Test.

   In addition to the department training centeron the campus,which can meet the demand of practical teaching, the department have established training bases outside campus for the students' practical training and promotion of their internship and employment under the school-enterprise cooperation agreements with the following companies or their branches situated in Guiyang: Zhongtian Hyatt Regency Hotel ,Kempinski Hotel,Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, Sheraton Hotel,Empark Grand Hotel,Berman Hotel,China Travel Service, Guiyang, China Youth Travel Agency, Guiyang, Guizhou Landscape Travel Agency , China Ping An Insurance Company, Beijing Hualian,Suning Appliance Chain Store Group, Guiyang Branchand  Meiao Hotel Management Co., Ltd.Shanghai

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Address: Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute, No.3 Yuntan South Rd, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, 550023, the People’s Republic of China.

Office Tel: +86-851-4129667

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