Brief Introduction

Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute, an independent full-time conventional professional college, is the only comprehensive provincial higher vocational college, approved of by the Ministry of Education and organized by the People's Government of Guizhou province.


Since the beginning of higher vocational and technical education programs of this Institute in 1986, in accordance with the actual demands for talents in economic and social development in Guizhou province, twenty-seven majors have been offered in the categories such as science, industry, agriculture, economics, foreign languages, arts and teacher training, and more than 18 thousand high-skilled talents have been to cultivated. Graduates from the said Institute doing diversified businesses in Guizhou province have made important contributions to economic and social development in Guizhou. After years of explorations and practices, this institute has accumulated abundant experience in the cultivation of high-skilled talents with it perfect mechanism of talents cultivation mode, high efficiency and excellent quality and its sound teaching, research, management, and quality assurance system.


Since 2008, this institute has entered a brand-new stage for more construction and excellence pursuing. To adapt to the needs of high-skilled talents for the economic and social development of Guizhou in the 12th-Five-Year Plan, based on the sustainable development of the former five years, this college will try its best to building it into a model vocational college, guided by the main policy of “development acceleration, speeded transition, leap-forward promotion”, and the strategy of “Three Synchronizations” as well as the general requirement of being steadier, faster and also better, during which this college will stick to the fundamental purpose of “the People’s satisfactory education” and follow the Medium-and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan of Guizhou province, with the actual needs of talents for economic and social development as the basis. Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute is located at Yuntan South Road 3, Jinyang New District, Guiyang, with an area of 485 Mu, and its school building area of nearly 200 thousand square meters, which owns adequate facilities, advanced equipments and excellent surroundings. Now it has several departments such as Information Technology,Construction and Engineering, Energy Engineering, Economic Management, Arts, the Department of Basic Teaching etc consisting of 25 majors such as computer networks and communication technology, architectural engineering technology, Logistics Management and artistic design. All these majors cover almost all the pillar and specialized industries in China Southwest. Now it has two state-sponsored majors and another four province-sponsored majors. Now it has more than 5,100 students.


   For many years, with “service in Guizhou, influence in Southwest” as its the running positioning,the actual needs for social and economic development as the basis, ability training and high-skilled talents cultivation as the education philosophy, also with the talents education as focus, the service and students employment as the orientation, the ability cultivation and teaching quality as the core and special features as the pursuit, Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute has been taking every effort to innovate its mechanisms, aiming to build it into a model vocational college with excellent environment, distinctive features and with comprehensive strengths, for the purpose of making more contribution for the better and faster development of Guizhou Province.



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Address: Yuntan South Road 3, Jinyang New District, Guiyang

Zip: 550023

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