Institutional Settings
Department types
The Party Organizations
Responsible for comprehensive affairs of Party Committee
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Responsible for Party Committee construction and cadres management work
Responsible for the internal and external publicity, ideological and political education, the construction of spiritual civilization and the United Front Work
Responsible for Committee construction and organization work
Responsible for Union’s daily work
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Administrative Departments
Responsible for Institute’s domestic affairs and foreign affairs
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Responsible for personnel, wages and professional title work
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Responsible for teaching management
Responsible for daily management, funding work for students who have financial problems
Responsible for enrollment, career guidance and employment
Responsible for accounting, financial management and capital operation, accounting supervision.
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Responsible for the audit and the construction of a clean and honest government work in economic activities within the school and the financial revenue and expenditure
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Responsible for Institute’s research reporting and management work
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Responsible for infrastructure, state-owned assets management, medical insurance, job security and other daily work of faculty and students
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Responsible for the security and stability of the campus, as well as the comprehensive management of surrounding area
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Teaching Departments
To cultivate application type talents in information technology and electronic communication; to set up the five specialties of Computer Network Technology, Computer Multi-media Technology, Software Technology, Communication Technology, Traffic Safety and Intelligent Control
To cultivate application-oriented skilled talents in construction machiner; to set up the four specialties of Construction Engineering Technology, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Project Cost and Interior Design Techniques
To cultivate talents with application skills in economics and management, to set up five specialties of Accounting Tourist Management, Hotel Management, Business Administration and International Tourism
Cultivate talents with application skills in business and trade, open up E-Commerce Business English Logistic Management Martketing Logistic Management and Legal Affairs six specialties.
     To cultivate talents with application skills of Art; to set up the four specialties of Art Design, Music Performance, Broadcasting and Hosting, Advertisement and Exhibition
To cultivate talents with application skills in Mining Coal, to set up four specialties of Mining Coal Exploration, Mining Geology, Mine Electrical Machinery and Mine Ventilation and Safety
Responsible for Secondary Education
Responsible for teaching and management of elementary and common courses, to set up Community Management and Service.
Auxiliary Teaching Institutions
Responsible for practical training, scientific research, management and vocational skills identification
Responsible for the collection, viewing and management of paper books and E- Books.
Responsible for the service and management of network information, the production and management of multimedia teaching resource.
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