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The number of enrolled students enrolled in our school has reached a new high
2019-03-19     (Click: )



In 2019, the first batch of volunteers for the enrollment of the classified examinations ended on the afternoon of March 7. A total of 4,467 candidates submitted to our school, and the number of super-plans was 1,532. The enrollment rate reached 152.2%, an increase of 17.7 percentage points over the previous year. Classes of higher vocational colleges ranked third.  


The number of applicants has been increasing year by year. First, the party committee and the administration of the university attach great importance to the recruitment work. The leaders of the university have been concerned about the guidance, arrangement and deployment of the classified examination work for many times.Second, in recent years, our school has paid more attention to the connotation construction and further enhanced the school's reputation and influence through the construction of high-quality schools.Third, colleges at all levels are responsible for the recruitment of students. High schools and secondary vocational schools are paying more and more attention to it. They take the initiative to organize students to invite colleges and universities to carry out propaganda, which changes the situation from the knock on the door of colleges and universities to the active invitation of middle schools.Fourth, our school enrollment publicity is more scientific and reasonable.The publicity work is planned by the recruitment center, and the recruitment team plays an important role in the regular publicity of WeChat official account, website and QQ group.In 2017, with the strong support and cooperation of all colleges, a recruitment publicity team composed of recruitment center and all colleges was established to realize the five unification of personnel, training, image, funds and materials, so as to standardize publicity, improve image and highlight key points.According to the invitation of examination schools and high schools (secondary vocational schools) in different places and the analysis of the data of students in previous years, the center selects schools with more than 1000 students and arranges the publicity team to publicize the schools.This time, a total of 30 propagandists went to more than 40 high schools (secondary vocational schools) to communicate with the examinees "face to face" by means of centralized propaganda, playing propaganda videos, posters, consulting points and issuing enrollment leaflets, which played a good role in boosting the registration rate of classified examinations in our school.  


Remarkably Zhou Xianlong in our school, and other three mastering made a special trip to congjiang and at the same time, to carry out the classification test the recruitment of students propaganda for the dedicated contact just township and show pond township township government convened two graduates to carry out the education of senior colloquium for poverty alleviation, promoting admissions policies and incentives assistance of congjiang students in our school, through classified examination recruitment green channel for poor students a chance to change your fate, to truly implement education precise poverty alleviation work.  


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